Richmond Cemetery Maintenance District


The cemetery staff and volunteers will start cleaning off the graves early Tuesday morning (June 5th). We suggest you remove ALL items that you consider of value, including those that are allowed on the graves throughout the year. Unintentionally, items may be removed that families want to keep. You are welcome to return them after Monday, June 11th. Please click here for more information.

Richmond Cemetery

The Richmond Cemetery Maintenance District is a separate entity from Richmond City. It has its own board of directors and collects a property tax levy in addition to the fee for gravesites. Its budget is separate from Richmond City.

As a service to the cemetery district, Richmond City will post information from the district on the city website. If you have questions about the cemetery, PLEASE contact the district and not Richmond City.

The Richmond Cemetery Maintenance District typically meets once a year in December.

Click here to read the rules and policies for the cemetery district.

Effective January 1, 2014, these charges will apply:

  • Grave Plot Purchase $500 / $1500 (resident/non-resident)
  • Open/Close Grave $400 / $800
  • Saturday Open/Close $700 / $1100
  • Cremation $300 / $600
  • Infant (less than one year old) $200 / $400

District Board


Kevin Graham
Phone: (704) 796-5608 Email:

Board Members

Paul Thatcher
Phone: (435) 258-5042

Amy Sadler
Phone: (435) 764-7113

Kelly Crafts
Phone: (435) 760-5079

Jared Gillman
Phone: (435) 994-0210


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