Black & White Days

The very first Holstein show in Richmond was held in 1912. Local dairymen drove their best Holsteins into the old LDS tithing yard (where Harris Dairyland is now located). Judges rode through the herds and picked out the best cattle.

A short break in 1913-14 was due to a national emergency caused by hoof-and-mouth disease when nearly ALL livestock shows and auctions were closed in the efforts to prevent the spread of the disease and to eradicate it from herds. By 1915, though, the disease had been stopped (through vaccination and the destruction of infected animals and herds) and the show resumed. Since then, the show has continued uninterrupted.

As the cattle show and sale continued to grow, other events were added to the celebration. Carnival rides, food vendors, footraces, and a parade were incorporated. The Saturday evening horse pull now caps the week-long event.


Thanks to all who made our 2017 celebration a success!

B&W Days Royalty

2017 Black & White Days Royalty

(l to r) Tiffany Robison, 2016 Attendant; Jayden Christensen, 2017 Attendant; Abby Palmer, 2017 Attendant; Jenny Carver, 2017 Queen; Krystal Jensen, 2016 Queen